iCinDER™ technical analysis indicators are NinjaTrader indicators that facilitate cycle analysis of financial instruments. The algorithms used in the iCinDER™ family of indicators are extractions of dimensions of price, time and attributes of measured instrument over multiple dimensions. The indicators are broken down into 2 categories:


The indicators provide information on cycles and trending of financial instruments. This technique provides high correlation of the cycle to movement of price. They specifically address the cyclical nature of market instruments and are an attempt to measure the Minor, Intermediate and Major Cycles as addressed in the Dow Theory, Elliott Wave Theory and Cycle Analysis. The models measure specific cycles and integrates an overall cycle measurement algorithm that evaluates the dimensions of time, price and entropy. The result approximates the dominant cycle with midpoint levels and cycle start and stops at the peaks and troughs of the indicator. With this information in hand the technical analyst can infer the bullish or bearish bias of the financial instrument and make a reasonable assumption as to its possible trend movement.

As with all technical analysis indicators, iCinDER™ cyclical indicators are designed as additional indicators that you may use with your preferred indicators. Using additional indicators may provide added assurance and confirmation of the output that is provided by iCinDER™ indicators. Among some of the tools available are Relative Strength, Money Flow, Volume indicators, volatility indicators as well as other indicators that can provide confirmation as to the validity of the signal that is being given by the iCinDER™ indicators. It is highly recommended that the user takes advantage of the other analytical tools available to the technical analyst and not to rely on the iCinDER™ indicators as the sole source of analytical information when evaluating investment in any type of financial instruments.